Healing with Whole Foods

Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition

  • ISBN: 9781556434303
  • 3rd edition 2006, 784 pages


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A sourcebook by Paul Pitchford on preparing food and eating consciously, this work contains broad sections that describe the roots of diagnosis and treatment, the essentials of nutrition, the five element and organ systems, diseases and their dietary treatment, and recipes and properties of vegetable foods.
The discussions include the application of Chinese medicine and five element theory to contemporary diet, Ayurvedic principles of food combining, transition to a whole-grain and vegetable diet, green food products, fasting and purification, food combining, cooking for different stages of life, food for children, food presentation and proportions, vibrational cooking, cooking for weight loss, heart and vascular renewal, female conditions, digestive conditions, candida infections, regeneration diets, and herbal treatments for cancer, arthritis, mental illness, drug abuse, etc.
Numerous recipes and charts and extensive descriptions of the healing properties, nature, and uses of various food stuffs contribute to the thorough and detailed information in this book.




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