Illustrated Moxibustion Therapy

A Natural Way of Prevention and Treatment Through TCM

  • ISBN: 9781602200371
  • 2018, 144 pages


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In China, moxibustion —the practice of burning Chinese mugwort leaves over a patients acupoints—is a natural therapy that has been handed down from generation to generation for several thousands of years. This volume details everything readers need to know to get started enjoying the benefits of moxibustion for both health and beauty.

Useful as either a handbook for quick reference or as a guide to in-depth study, Illustrated Moxibustion Therapy cover.
The basic theory of moxibustion. Essential materials, tools, and methods. Operative skills and important points. The ten major health-care acupoints of traditional Chinese medicine and their respective moxibustion methods. The moxibustion therapies of nearly 100 common diseases, demonstrated by real people and described with illustrated texts. Daily maintenance suggestions and auxiliary therapies
The therapeutic burning of moxa sticks or moxa fibers made of Chinese mugwort soothes and dredges the meridians, improves the circulation of vital energy and blood, and regulates the function of internal organs, thus aiding in the treatment of specific diseases and maintaining general health.
Characterized by organic materials, simple techniques, and soothing feelings, moxibustion is a practice whose popularity in the west is growing by leaps and bounds.





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