Imperial Secrets of Health and Longevity

  • ISBN: 9783936185515
  • 2. Aufl. 1998, 113 pages


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This books discusses the Chinese medical theory and practice of yang sheng, nourishing life. Nourishing life is the Chinese term for seeking good health and long life. The author begins by introducing the Chinese medical theories concerning life, death, and longevity. These revolve around the key concepts of essence, qi, and spirit or what are called the Three Treasures. He then goes on to describe the importance of a regular lifestyle, proper diet, moderation in sex, rest and relaxation, self-massage, exercise and stretching, qi gong, Chinese herbal medicine, and treating disease early. All this is presented in a very clear, easily understandable style, and the book is infused with the author’s obvious deep knowledge and common sense.