Managing Depression with Qigong

  • ISBN: 9781848190184
  • 2009, 192 pages


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Many people will suffer from depression at some time in their lives.
New research proofed that Qigong, a traditional Chinese practice, can be very effective.
Gaik provides the basics of what Qigong is and why it is effective for depression,
and shows the reader how to make use of Qigong to rise from the
darkness of depression and regain strength and motivation in life.
Based on the same principles as Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Qigong works by promoting the movement of health-giving energy along the meridians of the body.
The author shows how the practical application of Qigong can radically improve health and
wellbeing, and provides a treatment plan, including Qigong exercises. Encouraging the reader to identify their problems and take action,
Dr. Frances Gaik gives practical advice that will help anyone with depression to improve their mental health.
Managing Depression with Qigong provides a guide to an effective and increasingly
recognised form of treatment that will be invaluable to people with depression and their families.