Wing Shing Ho

Naturally Occurring Small Molecules for Disease …

and Cancer Treatment

  • ISBN: 9789814525626
  • 2017, 250 pages


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Therapeutic Benefits in Combination Therapy.
Western drugs and target medicines for disease treatment come with undesirable side effects that have limited their use in patients for an extended period of time.
It is warranted to develop a treatment strategy with alternative medicines to reduce toxicity relating to drugs, in particular, cancer drugs.
Thus, a combination therapy with herbal medicines provides a more effective treatment method for hard-to-treat diseases.
The recent breakthroughs in naturally occurring small molecules from herbal medicines have provided experimental evidence and are clinically significant in treatment strategies.
This unique volume presents the recent developments in the field of herbal medicines for the treatment of diseases and cancer.
Recent progress on small molecules isolated from herbal medicines that exhibit therapeutic benefits in humans is highlighted. The book provides an overview of the significant discoveries and pioneering contributions of herbal medicines in combination with other drugs, the author’s evaluation of the combination therapy in cancer treatment, and a recent discovery of crocodile tissue extract with pharmacological properties.

Principles of Pharmacology of Cancer Drug Treatment
Plant Molecules
Herbal Medicines
Therapeutic Uses of Small Molecules
Mechanism of Action
Integration and Control of the Human Body During Treatment
Cytotoxic Plant Molecules and Immunopharmacology
Potential Beneficial Effects of Plant Products
Adverse Drug Reactions
Treatment of Cancer with Natural Products
Pharmaceutical Development of Potential Cancer Drugs

Medical students, researchers in medicinal chemistry, pharmacologists and both undergraduate and postgraduate students in pharmacology and those working in herbal and alternative medicine.


Wing Shing Ho

Wing Shing Ho

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