Li Zheng Hua | Yan Shi Lin

Pathomechanisms of the Heart

Xin Bing Zhi Bing Ji

  • ISBN: 9780912111797
  • 2007, 350 pages


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Drawing from many classical texts to reinforce the primary material, the Pathomechanisms series offers an in-depth analysis of the origins and disease progression for each of the zang organs of the body.
These books not only lay the theoretical ground work, they are also supported by appropriate investigations of historical texts and modern medical research. To facilitate comprehension, sample formulas and herbs appropriate to each section of discussion are included.
Pathomechanisms of the Heart also contains a section on modern research, a Chinese-English bibliography in alphabetical order (with both classical texts and journal articles on modern research) and a Chinese bibliography organized by stroke number.
The understanding of pathomechanisms of different organs is crucial to an understanding prognosis in TCM.
As a logical way of comprehending diseases, it serves as a bridge between the patient and doctor and can help the TCM practioner accurately grasp the dynamics in the prognosis of disease.
This series is an invaluable aid for all students and practitioners of Chinese medicine.

Edited by Eric Brand and Zhang Yuhuan,
translated by Sabine Wilms and Wang Ying.


Li Zheng Hua

Li Zheng Hua

Yan Shi Lin

Yan Shi Lin

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