Jingyi | Xuemei-L. | Z.

Patterns & Practice in Chinese Medicine

  • Publisher: Eastland Press
  • ISBN: 9780939616756
  • 2012, 324 Seiten


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Like its companion volume, Acupuncture Patterns & Practice, this book is a clinically oriented presentation of differential diagnosis and treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. This volume consists of eight series of case studies (40 in all), each focusing on a variety of patterns associated with a common clinical disorder: asthma, facial disorders, poor appetite, abdominal and epigastric pain, abnormal bowel movements, abnormal urination, constraint disorders, hypochondrial and intercostal pain.
Each case provides a systematic analysis of the patient’s presentation, from the cause and site of the disorder to the underlying theory of the case. The pathogenesis, pattern of disease, treatment principle, and modalities of treatment (including both herbs and acupuncture) are described in illuminating detail. The authors, themselves both clinicians, then pose a number of questions that are likely to confront the practitioner.
More than a hundred charts organize and present in graphic form what is explained in the text. Each chapter concludes with a diagnostic overview or tree that summarizes the process of differential diagnosis for the patterns associated with that disorder.
Patterns & Practice in Chinese Medicine will be of particular value to the developing practitioner, as well as the student who is making the transition from the classroom to the clinic.
Zhao Jingyi is a 1982 graduate of the Beijing College (University) of Chinese Medicine, where he is now a professor. Dr. Zhao is also a practicing physician and teaches diagnosis in Chinese medicine to Chinese and Western students. In addition to the books that he has written with Li Xuemei—Acupuncture Patterns & Practice and Patterns & Practice In Chinese Medicine—he has published teaching materials for his students and has conducted much clinical research in this field.
Li Xuemei (Anna Lee) is a medical doctor and specialist in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She completed her studies in Chinese and Western medicine at the Beijing College (University) of Chinese Medicine in 1982. She then worked as a clinical specialist at the teaching hospitals associated with the university, where she taught many Chinese and Western students. Dr. Li has lectured in China, Canada, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and Ireland, where she now lives and practices medicine.

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