Tai Chi

Learn the Ancient Chinese Art of Tai Chi

  • ISBN: 9781782747499
  • 2019, 96 pages


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What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi, also named Tai Chi Chuan, is a combination of yoga and meditation in a moving form. It is an internal Chinese martial art, the philosophy of which is not to meet force with force, but to meet it with softness and follow its motion, redirecting it, and so meeting yang with yin. This book takes the reader through 24 Yang sequence. Each stage is accompanied by easily understandable descriptions of how the movements in the sequence, along with new illustrations indicating the moves. The text also references health benefits and significance within Tai Chi. Clearly written for anyone new to Tai Chi, exquisitely illustrated and beautifully made with traditional Chinese bookbinding techniques, Tai Chi makes an excellent gift for both beginners and dedicated Tai Chi enthusiasts.


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