Taoist Nei Dan Inner Meditation

An Accessible Guide

  • ISBN: 9781839973871
  • 2023, 192 pages


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Based on the ancient wisdom of the Taoist tradition, this book translates cryptic, alchemical language into an accessible and straightforward guide to Nei Dan using everyday terms. Focussing on breath work, meditations, and series of movements founded in qi gong, this book aids you in attuning to your true nature and nurtures balance and wellbeing in your physical, spiritual, and psycho-emotional health.
Through an integration of Nei Dan inner meditations, this book explains the art of letting go of our traumas, imprints, and conditioning and encourages a reattachment of the self to our true natures. Taoist Nei Dan Inner-Meditation builds upon David Twicken’s full collection and provides a comprehensive system of Nei Dan meditation for all professionals working with Chinese Medicine and anyone interested in this form of meditation.




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