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The Perfect Seasons – Seasonal Balancing Acupuncture

Seasonal Acupuncture and the Application of the I Ching ...

  • 2008, 140 pages


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The author presents a method of seasonal and cyclical acupuncture, based on the Seasonal Balancing treatments of Richard Tan, which are in turn based on the ancient hexagram arrangements from the I Ching (Yi Jing), or Book of Changes.
The text is written for acupuncturists who are familiar with Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, and assumes that the practitioner understands the theoretical rationale behind Tan’s six-system theory, which uses the internal relationship between the meridians and energetic systems as the hinge on which to bring balance to the body.
Presented in four parts, Part 1 covers some of the theory explaining why Tan’s Balance Method is successful and reviews the six balancing systems with examples of their application.
Part 2 explores the I Ching, guas, hexagrams, the fu xi (earlier heaven) ba gua (eight trigram) and its application to the Balance Method.
Part 3 introduces the special wen wang (later heaven) ba gua and explores different aspects of Seasonal Balancing.
Part 4 presents case studies from the author’s clinic that illustrate the application of seasonal balancing treatments.


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