The Spark in the Machine

How the Science of Acupuncture Explains the Mysteries

  • ISBN: 9781848191969
  • 2013, 304 pages


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Daniel Keown explains, what is the electricity that flows through the human body? The Chinese call it Qi, what does Chinese medicine know, that Western medicine doesn’t want to know? Spark in the Machine shows how the Chinese medicine is validated by Western medicine and how Chinese medicine explains the mysteries of the body that Western medicine ignores. Daniel Keown asks why can salamanders grow new legs, and young children grow new finger tips, but adult humans can’t regenerate? What is the electricity that flows through the human body? Is it the same thing that the Chinese call Qi? He explains the generative force of embryology, how the hearts of two people in love truly beat as one, how a cheating heart is also an ill heart, how neural crest cells determine our lifespan, and why Proust’s madeleines evoked the memories they did.
This book shows the different theories of Western and Chinese medicine and how they support each other. The Spark in the Machine gives you surprising details, and is essential for anyone who wanted to know how the body really works.