The Treasures of Acupuncture

Acupuncture Channel and Point Energetics

  • ISBN: 9782970103950
  • 2022, 572 pages


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Treasures of Acupuncture provides a broad and deep understanding of body energetics. The classical Chinese principles are informed by Western medical and anatomical concepts as well as the oral traditions of Daoism, providing a three-dimensional, physical, energetic and psycho-spiritual way of understanding the channels and points of acupuncture.

The book constitutes an indispensable tool fo the Oriental clinician. The Primary, as well as the Extraordinary, and all of the Secondary chhannels of Acupuncuture, have been explored in great detail with clinical applications and case studies. Additionally, an extensive glossary of symptoms, provides the practitioner with a choioce of points for any given condition. A chapter has been dedicated to exploring all of the traditional therapeutic tools and modalities utilized in the acupuncture practice, as well as the more recent technologies of electro-stimulation and laser.

Naturmed`s opinion: “We like the structure of the book: The historical information, the energetic topics and the way the point functions and inidations are presented. You find a good Western view on points and channels combined with profound Chinese historical background information. Also the hardcover version might help to use this book over decades.”




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