A Comprehensive Handbook for TCM Facial Rejuvenation

Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Rejuvenation

  • ISBN: 9781599756660
  • 2006, 287 pages


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Author Ping Zhang, D.O.M. has taught TCM Facial Rejuvenation seminars in the West and has formulated this book in three parts.
Part 1 covers TCM comprehensive facial rejuvenation protocols, Part 2 advanced TCM facial rejuvenation protocols.
In Part 3, a step-by-step protocol for TCM facial rejuvenation is introduced.
Throughout the book, precise and detailed color pictures demonstrate the techniques to enable practitioners to correctly perform the manipulations.
The diagnostic information, point prescriptions, herbal suggestions, food therapy recommendations, and acupressure procedures make this book useful for students and practitioners of TCM.

This comprehensive handbook covers the complete guide for TCM facial rejuvenation including:
Individual channel and point’s special function and application for facial rejuvenation,
Individual herbal/herbal formula’s function and application for facial rejuvenation,
In-depth comprehensive pattern diagnosis for: wrinkles, sagging of the face, facial discolorations, dark/age spots, eye bags and dark circles,
Comprehensive case study supported by acupuncture treatment protocols, herbal prescriptions (internal and external use), dietary suggestions for: wrinkles, sagging of the face, dark/age spots, facial discoloration, eye bags and dark circles,
DIY herbal spa, acupressure routines, Gua Sha, Jade Stick Massage and Qi Gong practice for needle-less TCM facial rejuvenation,
Crystal clear hands-on picture demonstrations and much more.