A Revolutionary Discovery: Each hormone can be treated with exactly one acupuncture point (DVD)

  • 2016, 1 DVD, ca. 3 hours


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Marc Mezard explains the TCM basics in all detail: the two fundamental forces YANG (stimulation) and YIN (inhibition) and the 6 organ systems (Central Nervous System, Digestive System etc.). Then the corresponding meridians to these 6 Systemes but with the concept of right and left branch (stimulation or inhibition) that makes all the difference! On these meridians are the 5 (6) Shu points located that are themselves in relation with the 5 (6) Elements called General functions. These General functions are responsible for the production or inhibition of all hormons.

For example:
10 kidney on the left side: Cortisone production but 10 kidney right side: progesterone production. Spleen 3 right: production of insulin, 1 Liver right: Dopamine etc..
You will get to know an easy and very logical methode to make a diagnosis. The treatment is always personalized and in most cases – regardless of the pathology – very efficient after 3 treatments.

Mezard also explains why in some cases of diabetes morphine works much better than insulin.

TCM has discovered the endocrinological system thousands of years ago. There is no discrepancy with Western Medicine. These revolutionary discoveries will be explained and illustrated by diseases as diabetes, infertility, hypothyroidism, parkinson, drug addiction and many more.

ca. 3 hours in total, 1 DVD
Dauer Teil 1 length part 1: 02:07:00
Dauer Teil 2 length part 2: 00:56:35

deutscher Titel: Eine revolutionäre Entdeckung: jedem Hormon entspricht exakt ein Akupunkturpunkt