Tom Bisio

A Tooth from the Tiger’s Mouth

How to Treat your Injuries with Powerfull Healing Secrets

  • ISBN: 9780743245517
  • 2004, 364 pages


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Traditionally, Chinese martial arts masters have kept their highly prized remedies for injuries as carefully guarded secrets, calling such precious and powerful knowledge a tooth from the tiger’s mouth.
The author, a Chinese sports medicine and martial practitioner, presents a broad range of healing strategies for common injuries such as sprains, bruises, cut wounds, breaks, dislocations, tendonitis, and muscle tears. Readers will discover methods for examining and diagnosing injuries, preparing and applying herbal formulas, assembling a portable emergency kit, locating ingredients and preparations, and facilitating recuperation with strengthening exercises and healing dietary guidelines.


Tom Bisio

Tom Bisio

Tom Bisio is a world-renowned martial artist and a licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine. He heads a clinic in N.Y. City. Tom Bisio begann mit dem Erlernen der Kampfkünste mit 14 Jahren. Er hat einen Bachelor of East-Asian Studies und hat unter vielen Experten der Kräuterkunde, Akupunktur, Qi Gong, chinesischer…

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