Nan Lu | Schaplowsky-E.

A Woman’s Guide to Healing from Breast Cancer

Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9780380809028
  • 1999, 358 pages


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This book by Nan Lu and co-author Ellen Schaplowsky contains a comprehensive, natural treatment program based on TCM principles and theories and guides through self-healing processes to prevent recurrence of breast cancer.
It relieves side effects of conventional treatments, and build up healing energy.
As well, it addresses other female conditions which TCM relates to breast cancer risk.
Nan Lu shows how they relate to the body and to breast cancer.
Then he shows self-care systems, through the process of conventional treatment, and how to use the presented methods to ease the side effects.
A final section on prevention shows aspects of self-care, food and herb energetics, and energy movements.
Diagrams and photographs help to understand the program.