Archetypal Acupuncture

Healing with the Five Elements

  • ISBN: 9780972833905
  • 2003, 308 pages


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The contents of this book draw from the author’s experience teaching Five Element acupuncture.
It is designed for use by students as well as anyone interested in an approach to health based on the rhythms of the natural world.
The author Gary Dolowich explains how to work with the Five Elements to diagnose physical illness, resolve emotional imbalances, and navigate the stages of life.
Using case studies, poetry, classical sources such as the I Ching, and examples from contemporary culture, the author enfolds East and West as he explores universal symbols that expand our understanding and help us cultivate enduring values in our life experience. Chapters include discussions of Ch’i, ancient Chinese wisdom, understanding life’s fundamental patterns through the Five Elements, and pattern identification using Worsley’s Causative Factor (termed Central Focus).
Additional chapters explore archetypal patterns in popular culture, the system of energy relationships known as the Twelve Officials, and a Jungian perspective on Five Element archetypes.
Further chapters portray the Sheng cycle in the seasons of human life, the K’o cycle as it pertains to resolving emotional imbalances, the ancient Chinese view of the Soul, and enhancing life experience using archetypal symbols.