A Textbook for Practitioners of Acupuncture & Oriental Madicine

  • ISBN: 9781891845383
  • 2008, 764 pages


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This beautifully designed two-color book is filled with over 100 detailed illustrations to help the reader better understand the material presented.
Red-flag cases are included and clearly explained to help the practitioner decide when an immediate referral is necessary.
The author, Dr. Bruce Robinson, is a Western MD who has studied in China and teaches biomedicine to practitioners of Chinese medicine on a regular basis.
This book covers many Western diseases you will encounter and is clearly written for practitioners of Chinese medicine.
With this textbook you will learn:
the clinical presentation and treatment of the major diseases seen in Western medical practice today
red-flag cases that need urgent referral to an MD or emergency room
how to confidently interact with Western medical practitioners
improved diagnostic skills and physical exam techniques
new scientific approaches for treating cardiovascular diseases and cancer.