Blogging a Five Element Life

Five Element Series

  • ISBN: 9781848193710
  • 2017, 248 pages


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The follow-up to Nora Franglen’s first book of collected posts on the holistic life of an acupuncturist, this provides further insight into the everyday musings of a master of her craft.
From her love of London’s cafes to challenges she has experienced in her clinic, it reveals how acupuncture can enrich and balance all aspects of our being.
Based on her widely read blog, this collection includes Franglen’s reflections on her own continually developing five element practice, and the lived world between 2014 and March 2017, a time of enormous change.
Covering everything from politics, to her penchant for coffee shops, to how to treat patients effectively, and from tips on using moxa sticks to her acerbic thoughts on the effects of technology on society, Nora Franglen illustrates how the five elements influence, illuminate and enrich all aspects of her life, and vice versa.


Nora writes with such joy from her heart that you feel her warmth, humour and wisdom in every blog post.
Her deep understanding of the five elements and her intricate observations of life and people triggers your senses and ignites your imagination.
— Jian Ling Shen, Mandarin teacher in London

In a world of ever increasing pressure and pace, Nora’s traditional wisdom provides a rare place of calm reflection and insight.
I love her ability to distil simplicity from complexity and clarity from opacity. That so much of her writing is based on observing everyday life, and lightly drawing the deeper meanings from it, is what makes the work so accessible and all the more precious.
— Jeremy Sweeney, Executive Coach, London

I return to Nora’s blog again and again for her insights into the human condition. I feel as though I’m part of a conversation in which I’m enlightened, reassured and uplifted. Nora has a knack of getting to the heart of the matter by explaining profound and complicated ideas simply and easily.
Her blogs are always thought provoking & life-affirming.
— Susan Vale, designer, Hampshire

5 Element Acupuncture has always been more about skills and observation than facts from a book, more about our ability to connect with another person with our senses and our heart. In these writings Nora Franglen shares with us the precious gift of years of experience and reflection in developing these skills and in that, invites us to delve deeper into the Five Elements, ourselves as practitioners and into this beautiful medicine that we practice.
— Gye Bennetts, 5 Element Seminars Australia