Micozzi-M. S. | Ergil-K.

Celestial Healing

Energy, Mind and Spirit in Traditional Medicines of China

  • ISBN: 9781848190603
  • 2011, 240 pages


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Energy, Mind and Spirit in Traditional Medicines of China, and East and Southeast Asia.
Dr. Marc S. Micozzi explains the fundamentals of Chinese medicine, and the indigenous medicines of Greater China, in some detail – how they have evolved, the fundamental principles, and where they are drawn from – hence putting them into social and philosophical context. Normally these medical systems are studied in isolation, so this is a work of considerable originality. He covers Korea and Japan and, in extending the coverage to East and Southeast Asia, he also explores the indigenous medicines from those regions and the influence of China and Chinese medicine, while acknowledging the pull towards other cultural influences, such as India.
Dr. Micozzi discusses the extent to which each approach works and the problems of testing from a Western point of view, and includes information that will make the Western reader able to consider seeking a practitioner from these disciplines.


Micozzi-M. S.

Micozzi-M. S.