Chinese Herbal Therapy

A Guide to its Principles & Practice

  • ISBN: 9783941942301
  • 1990, 248 pages


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This book by Takahide Kuwaki is recommended as a resource for the practitioner of Kanpo therapy, as well as for those who wish basic information regarding the herbal formulas and treatments for many of the common diseases encountered in practice and in daily life.
Kuwaki’s book is one of the first English-language books to present Kampo formulas and their common usage.
Because they are prepared medicines, and because their usage follows classical guidelines for diagnosis and prescription, Kampo formulas are a remedy of choice for practitioners who may not have the background necessary to professionally prescribe from the whole of the traditional Chinese pharmacopeia.
This text describes the basic principles and diagnostic techniques of Kampo-style Chinese herbal medicine, based primarily on the Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Febrile Diseases) and the Chin Kuei Yao Lueh (Prescriptions from the Golden Chamber).
Close to 150 formulas, readily available in dried powdered formularies, form the basis for prescribing treatment for system-classified disorders.
The formulas themselves are individually described and grouped according to their functionality and conformation.
Glossaries for formulas and materia medica include a Wade-Giles romanization.