K. Cline

Chinese Massage for Infants and Children

Traditional Techniques for Alleviating Colic, Colds, ...

  • ISBN: 9783892817970
  • 1999, 145 pages


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Traditional Techniques for Alleviating Colic, Colds, Earaches and Other Common Childhood Conditions.

If you’ve ever called the doctor and been told it’s probably the virus that is going around, or if it gets worse, bring her to see me in the morning, and had to wait the endless time it takes for the condition to improve or for the morning to come, having a resource such as this can teach you simple massage methods that will bring relief for common childhood ailments that we otherwise want to make better but cannot.

This is a reference book developed by a teacher and clinician trained in China, which is designed to meet the needs of parents interested in learning to give massage at home to supplement clinical treatments or to attend to simple conditions that do not require a professional massage. It is organized accessibly, providing background on the energetic principles at the basis of Chinese infant massage, including basic pattern recognition and basic diagnostic parameters, illustrations of manipulation techniques and a discussion of their differing effects, point location on the hands, arms, torso, legs, feet, and head and massage plans for 22 common and relatively uncomplicated children’s conditions – including asthma, bedwetting, chicken pox, common cold, cough, earache, fever, sore throat, teething, and digestive disorders.


K. Cline

K. Cline

Kyle Cline, LMT, studied traditional Chinese medicine a colleges and hospitals throughout Asia., including the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has served as a faculty member at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine for five years. The author of Chinese Massage for Infants and Children, he also has…