Chinese Massage Manual

A comprehensive, introduction to the healing art of Tuina

  • ISBN: 9780956293008
  • 2015, 144 pages


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This comprehensive, introductory book by Sarah Pritchard covers the essentials of Chinese massage (Tui na), including the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine, and the 20 basic massage techniques. It also includes treatment advice for 12 common ailments, so that the reader can practice what he or she has learnt to good effect.

The book covers:
· Instruction on 20 specialized massage techniques
· How to locate over 50 points to treat specific problems
· How to combine massage with Qi Gong for maximum energy and wellbeing
· Step-by-step treatments for common colds, lower back pain, sciatica and more
· Clear photographs, diagrams and charts

The author provides key information in clear, easy to refer to tables and diagrams, making this also an excellent reference for students, and practitioners of related disciplines.