Chinese Medicinal Teas

Simple, Proven, Folk Formulas for Common Diseases

  • ISBN: 9783936185768
  • 1996, 310 pages


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This book is a compendium of simple one-, two-, or three-ingredient Chinese medicinal teas.
While multi-ingredient decoctions are infamous for their bitter taste, the teas in this book are mostly mild, pleasantly or neutrally flavored and are quick and simple to prepare.
Most of them contain either green or black tea, white or brown sugar, and one or two Chinese medicinal herbs.
These ingredients are steeped in boiling water and then drunk as a healing beverage throughout the day.
These medicinal teas are a great complement to acupuncture and a simple, effective introduction to Chinese herbal medicine.

About the authors:
This husband-wife team is a unique combination of clinical experience and translation expertise.
Gary Liscum is graduate of the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Santa Fe, NM.
He has been in practice in Greeley, CO since 1983.
Zong Xiao-fan graduated from the Second Foreign Languages College in Beijing where she specialized in English language translation.