Ping-Chun Leung

Chinese Medicine – Modern Practice

Annals of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9789812560186
  • 2005, 236 pages


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Annals of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a new book series dedicated to the promotion of evidence-based TCM research.
It features quality reports focusing on evidence-based training curriculum design, research methodology and original investigations of the quality, efficacy and safety of TCM for the management of various clinical conditions.
The inaugural volume of this series, Chinese Medicine–Modern Practice, contains chapters on Chinese Herbal Medicine (for AIDS, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cerebral haemorrhage and Alzheimer disease), Acupuncture (for drug withdrawal, anaesthesia and analgesia), Research Methodology and Chinese Medicine Education.
This book will be of interest to mainstream medical researchers, clinicians in western medicine, other healthcare professionals, Chinese medicine educators, clinical and basic Chinese medicine researchers, and health science students, particularly Chinese medicine students.
It will also be an important resource for TCM regulators to obtain reliable and critical information concerning the evaluation of quality, efficacy and safety of clinical modalities of Chinese medicine.


Ping-Chun Leung

Ping-Chun Leung