Fatrai-A. | Uhrig-S.

Chinese Ophthalmology

Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Dietary Therapy, Tuina and Qigong

  • ISBN: 9783981547115
  • 2015, 462 pages


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Chinese Ophthalmology shows you how to treat eye diseases with Chinese medicine. This book embraces many fascinating aspects. Agnes Fatrai shows all possible treatment approaches from all fields of Chinese Medicine, like acupuncture, herbal therapy, tuina, qigong and dietary therapy.
In all 26 eye diseases are described from the Western and from the Chinese points of view, and Chinese treatment options are explained in detail. Finally, recommendations on the prevention of disorders in the eye area are given according to the criteria of Chinese medicine.
The key features in this book includes foundations of Chinese ophthalmology, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases from the points of view of Western and Chinese medicine, the differentiated Chinese therapeutic strategies, as well as discussions of preventive concepts and an extensive bibliography.
This book is for all practitioners and therapists interested in Chinese ophthalmology.