W. Maclean | Lyttleton-J.

Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine, Vol. 3

Qi, Blood, Fluid, Channels

  • 2010 (reprint 2017), 982 pages


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This is the third and final volume of a 3-volume TCM clinical formulary by Will Maclean and Jane Lyttleton.
This volume of the Clinical Handbook series examines disorders of the qi, blood, fluids and channels, that is to say the matrix that forms the communication network between the organ systems and their associated tissues.
Included within each chapter are concise analyses of various patterns, their etiology, differentiation and diagnosis, suggested treatments including time tested herbal prescriptions, prepared medicines produced by GMP compliant manufacturers, acupuncture protocols and clinical advice from experienced practitioners. This text is an extremely practical guide to common disorders seen in Chinese medicine clinics in the Western world.

The following topics are included in this volume:
Abdominal masses
Colds and flu, persistent
Fainting and funny turns
Fever, acute
Fever, chronic
Hu Huo disease (and chronic inflammation)
Lingering pathogens
Muscular weakness and atrophy
Numbness and paresthesia
Painful obstruction syndrome
Thyroid disorders




W. Maclean

W. Maclean

Will Maclean studied Chinese medicine in Australia and China, and has been in practice since 1987. He is the author, with Jane Lyttleton, of the Clinical Handbook series, and with Kathryn Taylor of the Clinical Manual of Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines. He has lectured in Australia and New Zealand, the…