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Common Laboratory Tests Used by TCM Practitioners

When to Refer Patients for Lab Tests and How to Read and Interpret

  • ISBN: 9781848192058
  • 2014, 127 pages


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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners need to have an understanding of Western medical testing to recognize when laboratory tests are required and to interpret test results that are brought to them by patients.
This book is an essential reference for the TCM classroom and clinic that teaches how to use and understand conventional lab testing in the treatment and referral of patients.
Focusing on symptoms that commonly present in TCM practices, the book groups the lab tests by diseases or systems.
Within each chapter are TCM case studies and perspectives, as well as multiple choice quizzes that test the reader’s knowledge.
Co-written by a doctor of Western medicine and an acupuncture physician, the book aims to familiarize TCM practitioners with the terminology and methodology of lab tests, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western schools of medicine and promoting an integrative approach to improve the overall care of the patient.

1. Complete Blood Count (CBC).
2. Hemoccult.
3. Kidney and Urine.
4. Electrolytes.
5. Glucose Metabolism and Diabetes Mellitus.
6. Liver Function.
7. Lipids.
8. Thyroid and Endocrinology.
Practice Questions.
Further Reading.

Partha Banerjee, MD, completed his medical training in Calcutta, India, before moving to the US, where he practiced medicine for 30 years specializing in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, and Geriatrics. He was also a clinical professor of medicine at Wright State Medical School, Ohio, and received numerous awards including the Laureate Award by the American College of Physicians. Now in semi-retirement, he continues to instruct in Western medicine at the East West College of Natural Medicine in Florida.

Christina Captain, DOM, is a nationally board-certified (NCCAOM) and state-licensed acupuncture physician. She is the Founder and Medical Director of The Family Healing Center, an integrative, alternative healthcare practice that incorporates traditional Western ideology and Eastern holistic strategies. She was previously a senior faculty member and chair of the advisory board at the East West College of Natural Medicine, Florida.


P. Banerjee

P. Banerjee

Partha Banerjee, MD, absolvierte seine medizinische Ausbildung in Kalkutta, Indien, bevor er in die USA zog, wo er 30 Jahre lang als Arzt tätig war und sich auf Innere Medizin, Endokrinologie und Geriatrie spezialisierte. Er war auch klinischer Professor für Medizin an der Wright State Medical School, Ohio, und erhielt…