Tiberi-R. S.

Fertility enhancement by nourishing life (DVD)

  • 2011, DVD, 210 min.


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Robin Tiberi, a very expert in fertility enhancements, reproductive timing, perfect menstrual cycles, bio rhythm.
Tiberi works a lot with Yoga and TCM in conjunction with fertility, a technique which antique sources.
She will start with topics of alchemie, fertility cultivation and how to open different chacras.
You will learn some nice qigong and yoga techniques to open fire to the livegate also.
Tiberi will show insight meditation techniques.
There are a lot of practical hints for a even better infertility treatment, like nutrition tipps, specific herbs, teas, tonics, massage tipps, acupuncture points and general behaviours to strengthen the personal perseption and the patient´s fertility.
You can learn a lot about moving qi and blood tonifying different structures she has spoken about.
A brilliant contribution for fertility therapeuts.
TCM-Congress Denmark in 2011, DVD, 210 min., English.


Tiberi-R. S.

Tiberi-R. S.