Weber-D. | Wang Jing

Formulas, Herbs and Isolates in the Cancer Clinic

An Evidence Based Approach to Treatment Vol. 1

  • ISBN: 9780987114204
  • 2001, 133 pages


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Formulas, herbs and isolates in the cancer clinic shows that nowadays, Chinese herbal medicine incorporates not only the use of traditional plant medicines and applications, but also a wide array of newly discovered medicinally active plants.
Daniel Weber gives an insight that not only whole plants are utilized, but their isolated active constituents as well. If we understand the molecular biology of plant constituents we can use them precisely, choosing to up regulate or inhibit a specific cellular pathway with a high degree of precision and confidence. Weber has been a pioneer in the research and clinical applications of Chinese Herbal Medicines and isolates in all phases of oncology treatment and recovery. As potent and potentially toxic phytochemicals may be used in cancer therapies, it is essential that clinicians be well trained and have a depth and breadth of clinical skill and knowledge. Formulas, herbs and isolates includes an online database featuring 35 formulas, 180 fully referenced herbs 52 isolates and numerous research articles and reference file.