Functions and Disorders of the spleen (DVD)

  • 2010, DVD, 50 min.


Delivery time: ca. 1 - 3 days


A presentation by Rossi about Functions and Disorders of the spleen at the 4. ASA TCM Kongress 2010. Rossi explains why pediatrics is different than other areas. F.e. the children zangfu are soft and tender. She speaks about reasons for spleen qi deficiency and how you as a practitioner can strengthen the children’s spleen qi. You will find a variety of treatment advices for the treatment of babies. Later Rossi will show some nice video sequences of tuina techniques of pediatric tuina which can be learned easily. It is also good for parents and gives the parents the feeling they also can do something.
This is a video for TCM-experts and those who are specialized on the treatment of children.

1 DVD, 50 min., english