Ellis-A. | Wiseman-N.

Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

Revised Edition

  • ISBN: 978912111445
  • 2004, 532 pages


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This text presents a thorough view of classical acupuncture alongside the modern approach.
It has several unique features that have contributed to its popularity. First, the authors have applied a precise method of translation that allows the clinical experience of both modern and classical Chinese authors to be transmitted directly.
Second, the text provides the most consistent information at the lowest cost.
Third, it provides a more systematic arrangement of study material.
The authors have selected the best discussions available and arranged the text in four systematic sections: Materials and Methods, Channel, Pathways, Channels and Points, and Approaches to Point Selection. The Materials selections have been adapted to Western practice. However, the techniques presented are those used by Chinese clinicians and include some not usually taught to Western beginners.