Yu Hui-chan | Fu-Ru Han

Golden Needle Wang Le Ting

A 20th Century Master's Approach to Acupuncture.

  • ISBN: 9780936185781
  • 1997, 240 pages


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Wang Le-ting, one of the architects of modern Chinese acupuncture, created many new acupuncture treatment protocols useful in the treatment of chronic, recalictrant conditions including paralysis and atrophy due to organic disease (MS, lupus, ALS), cerebrovascular accident, and traumatic injury to the spinal cord.
Wang Le-ting was born in 1894 and the past director of the Acupuncture Department of the Bejing Chinese Medicine Hospital.
This book is an account of his special acupuncture theories and contains his most effective, innovative treatment protocols, representative case histories, and Wang’s analysis of point selection.
Translated by Shuai Xue-zhong.
With a preface by Bob Flaws.