Yu Jin

Handbook of Obstetrics & Gynecology in Chinese Medicine

An Integrated Approach

  • ISBN: 9783939616283
  • 1998, 212 pages


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One of the most exciting developments in modern Chinese medicine is the integration of traditional medical knowledge with modern biomedicine. The center for this important and stimulating work is Shanghai, and one of its best known proponents is Yu Jin, M.D.
This specialized text on the use of Chinese herb formulas for female conditions covers disorders of the vulva, inflammatory diseases, anovulatory and non-anovulatory menstrual disorders, complications of pregnancy and post-partum, and miscellaneous conditions. For each pathology within these parameters, the author includes a brief description and treatment goal according to conventional biomedicine, TCM indications, strategy, formula content and measure, method of application, modifications, anaysis of formula, mechanism of action, and efficacy results.