Stein-A. | Espinosa-G.

Healing in Urology

Clinical Guidebook to Herbal and Alternative Therapies

  • ISBN: 9789814719087
  • 2016, 280 pages


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Editors: Bilal Chughtai (Weill Cornell Medical College, USA), Amy Stein (Beyond Basics Physical Therapy, USA), Geo Espinosa (New York University Medical Center, USA).
There is a clear need for a more comprehensive and inclusive body of information for supplementary and alternate treatment of urological conditions.
To meet this need, this book compiles evidence-based information for clinicians, healthcare providers, and patients.
As the first comprehensive educational guidebook focusing on alternative therapies for urological ailments, this book will be useful for healthcare providers as well as patients suffering from these conditions (including urinary tract infections, benign prostatic hyperplasia, kidney stones, incontinence, and pelvic pain) who are looking for alternative and supplementary remedies.
Many physicians and patients are reluctant to use these remedies and this book will demystify this area in urology.

Introduction (Dominique Thomas, Claire Dunphy and Bilal Chughtai),
Eastern Herbal Medicine (Mindy Pickard),
Western Herbal Medicine (Eric Yarnell),
Naturopathy (Geo Espinosa and Ralph Esposito Jr),
Functional Nutrition for Pelvic Health (Jessica Drummond),
Acupuncture (Jillian Capodice),
Physical Therapy Evaluation and Manual Therapy Treatment Strategies for Pelvic and Urologic Disorders (Michele McGurk and Amy Stein),
Adjunct Modalities for Physical Therapy (Lila Bartkowski-Abbate, Allison Ariail and Andrea Wood),
Yoga (Dustienne Miller),
Osteopathy for Urologic and Pelvic Health (Daniel Lopez),
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Alexandra Milspaw),
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Jennifer Schimmel).

This book is suitable for researchers as well as graduate students who are interested in Unified Field.