How the Art of Medicine Makes the Science More Effective

Becoming the Medicine We Practice

  • ISBN: 9781848192294
  • 2015, 256 pages


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The author Dr. Claudia Welch explores how the effectiveness of a physician extends far beyond the ability to prescribe correct treatments, and how mastering the art of doctoring can make the medicine more effective.
This book draws the Eastern medical traditions and experiences as well as the Western science.
It examines how we know what we know, the mechanics of doctor-patient emotional contagion, and the degree to which a patient’s sensory experience in a medical office affects their experience of treatments delivered.
The author is also offering a practical step that doctors can take to cultivate more refined perceptive abilities and improve results.
This book is for for all health care practitioners interested in understanding the art of their practice and how it can enhance therapeutic outcomes, including doctors of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, as well as western medical professionals and other complementary health practitioners.

With a Foreword by Dr. Robert Svoboda, BAMS.
Emphasizing the importance of practitioner-patient relationships and compassion, this book examines the definition of an effective physician and how understanding the art of doctoring can not only improve relationships in the therapy room, but also make the medicine prescribed more effective.