Keepers of the soul

The five guardian elements of Acupuncture

  • ISBN: 9781848191853
  • 2013, 296 pages


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The five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – are fundamental to Chinese medicine and metaphysics, but it can be difficult to get beyond the purely intellectual level of understanding. This rich book gets to the heart of five element theory, and offers passionate reflections on the spirit of each element, and the practice of five element acupuncture.
The author Nora Franglen provides accessible accounts of each element, explaining what it looks like, how it presents in an individual’s characteristics, how it can become unbalanced and how treatment might be approached to restore balance.
With profiles of various well-known figures, including David Beckham and Elvis Presley,
the author explores what it means to live in harmony as a unique being and how the five elements help shape and cultivate our body and soul.
The book explains how Chinese physicians understand and diagnose their patients and offers invaluable insights into how to practise five element acupuncture effectively.
A valuable and thoughtful addition to any library,
this book will be of particular interest to acupuncturists, practitioners and students of complementary medicine as well as anyone contemplating Chinese medicine as a treatment option or interested more generally in human psychology.

Part 1. Opening the Circle.
1. The Pattern of Things. The Quest for Our Own Identity. The Cadence of the Universe. The Guardian of the Soul. The Body as a Portrait of the Soul. Nature’s Pull Towards Health. The Elements at Work.
2. Our True Shape. The Guardian Element. Why does Imbalance Occur? What is Balance? Has Imbalance a Function? Assessment of Balance. Sensory Diagnosis. Energies in Process of Change.
3. Opening the Circle. The Elements as Filters. The Messengers of the Elements. Patterns of Flow.
Part 2. Within the Circle.
4. The Circle of the Elements.
5. The Wood Element. The Signatures of Wood. Wood’s Two Officials. Margaret Thatcher. My Wood Mother.
6. The Fire Element. The Two Sides of Fire. Billy Connelly and Tony Blair. A Fire Patient. Fire Under Pressure.
7. The Earth Element. The Pull of Earth. Princess Diana. The Elements in Embryo.
8. The Water Element. The Shapes of Water. Alex and David Beckham. Our Place in the Circle.
Part 3. Closing the Circle.
10. A 21st Century Context. A Cry from the Heart. The Medicalized Society. A Vision for Acupuncture.
11. Closing the Circle.