Matsumoto-K. | Euler-D.

Kiiko Matsumoto’s Clinical Strategies Vol. 2

In the Spirit of Master Nagano Vol. 2

  • ISBN: 97809719669500
  • 3. ed. 2014, 299 pages


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About the Book

This long awaited book completes the presentation of Kiiko Matsumoto’s clinical work to date and the background behind it.

Treatment strategies

The first volume details her unique approach to abdominal diagnosis and includes chapters on her major constitutional treatment strategies.
In this second volume there are detailed notes on the use of Ren Mai and Den Mai points as well as treatment protocols for specific disorders.
These include disorders of the Eye, Ear and upper respiratory system as well as Neurological and Psychological disorders, Orthopaedic disorders and Digestive disorders. There are also chapters dealing comprehensively with the Cardiovascular system and on Gynaecology and Infertility.
It is illustrated throughout with high quality diagrams.