Managing Pelvic Grindle Pain in Pregnancy (DVD)

  • 2013, 1 DVD, 90 min.


Delivery time: ca. 1 - 3 days


Martin Heskier gives a lecture about Managing Pelvic Grindle Pain in Pregnancy.
Pelvic Grindle Pain is a frequent complaint during pregnancy and can be treated in a number of ways by health and bodywork practitioners.
However, the best treatments are ones that are non-toxic and that the patient can do herself as needed to relieve her own discomfort when necessary as a supplement to her usual therapy.
In this lecture, participants will be taught the Heskies Method of Release and Disperse that treats the best and most specific points that relieve Pelvic Grindle Pain. Practitioners can use this technique on their patients in the clinic and can teach their patients to use this method on themselves for a more comfortable and healthy pregnancy.

Tao Kongress 2013, 1 DVD, 90 min., English.