Meridian Therapy: A Hands-on Text

on Traditional Japanese Hari Based on Pulse Diagnosis

  • 1991, 263 pages


Delivery time: ca. 1 - 3 days


Kodo Fukushima, a skilled master practitioner, offers a detailed treatment
of the basic principles, techniques, clinical applications, and achievements
of the Japanese meridian therapy system of Keiraku Chiryo.
The contents of Meridian Therapy are exhaustive.
They include a discussion of meridian therapy, ki ketsu-ei e yin-yang
and five phases, meridians, the doctrine of organ patterns,
the doctrine of causes of illness, doctrine of signs of illness (symptoms and akashi),
the four-way examination system, pulse diagnosis, final diagnosis (determination of akashi),
therapeutic technique, ho and sha of point selection, rules of treatment,
correcting mistaken treatment, clinical case studies,
and appendices on needling for children, subcutaneous needling and okyo.
Part II includes the position and location of points, a listing of points
and index of point names, an index of books and a glossary of special terms.
This set consists of both two volumes.