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naturmed-tv annual subscription for AGTCM members

12 months, all videos

  • 2020, Video annual subscription


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Special offer for members of the AGTCM:

As a member of the AGTCM you receive the annual subscription of naturmed-tv at the special price mentioned above. This discount only applies if you are a member of AGTCM. Please send your name to [email protected]. Subject: naturmed-tv, subscription for AGTCM members.

What does the naturmed-tv member subscription include?

You can currently choose from over 400 high-class TCM videos, 130 of them from the TCM congress in Rothenburg (former AGTCM media library), on various TCM topics. More and more videos will be added during the year. These are also covered in your subscription. The videos are recordings of the leading TCM congresses in Europe (TCM congress in Rothenburg, ASA congress in Switzerland, TAO congress in Graz and TCM congresses in Denmark etc.).

The presenters of these recordings are among the most renowned TCM experts. They report on the basics and current treatment strategies for hundreds of complaints with acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbs, Chinese dietetics, Qigong and manual techniques (Tuina, Shiatsu). Each video usually lasts about 90 minutes or 2-3 hours.

How can I access the videos?

You can access all online videos immediately (regardless of our opening hours) and from anywhere. A download is not possible. The online videos can only be viewed in streaming mode. This means that you must have an online internet access to see the videos. (DVDs can only be ordered individually from us).

With which devices can I watch the online videos?

You can watch the online videos with any PC (Windows or Mac), tablet or mobile phone. You don’t need to download a video player. Internet access is sufficient.

To the sequence of the ordering process:

After purchasing the subscription, your account will automatically be activated for all videos (fully automatically – independent of our opening hours). Then all you need to do is select the desired video by using the search function. (You don´t need to order them again when you have the subscription.)  Simply click in the middle of the screen with the naturmed logo and the video will start. Below the video you will also find individual parts of the video which you can select directly by clicking on the individual boxes.

Duration of the AGTCM member subscription:

As a subscriber to naturmed-tv, you will have access to all videos in our naturmed-tv media library. Your access is valid for a whole year (12 months from date of purchase).

Cancellation of the AGTCM member subscription:

The subscription is valid for one year (12 months) and can be cancelled by sending an e-mail to [email protected] 14 days prior to expiry. If we do not hear from you, your subscription will be renewed for another year and you will also receive access to the courses of the current TCM Congress.

Can I also purchase individual videos and DVDs?

Of course you can also purchase individual videos on DVD instead of the subscription with us. These are not included in the subscription. For each videos you can choose between the video type (a) online access and (b) DVD. The individual prices for the individual lectures can also be found there. Since the DVDs are sent in a plastic cover/box, the price of a DVD is a few euros more expensive. Shipping costs may also apply.





Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klassische Akupunktur und Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin e.V. ist Teil eines internationalen Netzwerkes und wichtiger Ansprechpartner für fachlichen und politischen Austausch zu klassischen und modernen Themen der Chinesischen Medizin. Ihre Mitglieder sind Ärzte und Heilpraktiker der Traditionellen Chinesischen Medizin.



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