One minute diagnosis (Audio-CD)

  • 2011, 5 CDs, 360 min.


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One minuite diagnosis
“The high level physician sees how the hidden energies from inside are seen on the
outside, and then the invisible becomes visible,” Ling Shu chapter 4 Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine is based on 4 pillars: observation, listening –smelling,
inquiry-questioning, and palpating-touch. However most important information is
gathered in almost the first instant. Practicing these instant diagnostic abilities enables the practitioner to really “see” the patient. Once we “see” we don’t stop “seeing” the most hidden energetic patterns, the inner pain, the strength, the yin and yang and the elements as they are manifested in the individual, the story of the Shen.
One has to see to believe, one has to experience to know. It’s possible to see and sense the inner manifestation of disease patterns, traumas, Zheng QI and healing potential. There is a saying in Chinese medicine that “the high level physician makes the diagnosis when the patient enters the room and finishes treatment when he sits at the chair.” It is hard to verify the second part of the saying, but most of the diagnosis can be done almost at the first glance.
One minute diagnosis is based on the very simple yet core tools of Chinese medical
observation: yin and yang, excess and deficiency, the 5 colours, facial and postural
diagnosis, body shape and the spark of the Shen that can be seen in the eyes. Once
these integral tools of Chinese medicine are assimilated they can be easily applied in
clinical practice. Observational and instant diagnosis is a crucial tool especially if you treat young children or someone who can’t answer questions about his disease like a stroke or trauma patient or someone who doesn’t speak your language.
The aim of this workshop is to experience a step by step dissection of clinical cases and live demonstrations of the possibilities and importance of instant diagnosis. After arriving at the diagnosis there will be a clinical discussion about the best treatment strategies and acupuncture point suggestions.
“When you look with an eye of ignorance you see ignorance. When you look with an eye of love you see love.When you look with the eye of wisdom you see wisdom.

5 CD`s, 360 min., english