One Needle Therapy

Pain Syndromes

  • ISBN: 9781943744053
  • 2018, 360 pages


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In acupuncture, more is not necessarily the best way. It is a long discussion but the question of how many acupuncture needles that a practitioner uses does not automatically correlate with the results at the end of the treatment. Many TCM-therapists who have studied in depths and have a good understanding of acupuncture know that if they have properly identified the individual pathologies and are familiar with the theoretical meaning of acupuncture, they can often find a solution to resolve pain with the use of only one needle.
The use of one needle is both an art and a science. This book is divided into two parts: General Theory and Other Theories. Clinically commonly seen pain syndromes are in this book also integrated. There are also explanations of the underlying reasons that a particular acupuncture point is effective and the theory of selecting such point accordingly. This will provide the practitioner with a higher confidence in selecting the single point to use clinically with agility.