Elisa Rossi

Pediatric tuina (DVD)

  • ISBN: V23764
  • 2012, 1 DVD, 150 min.


Delivery time: ca. 1 - 3 Tage/days


Elisa Rossi with a presentation of Pediatric tuina at the ASA congress 2012. You will learn main tuina techniques for the treatment of children, their special acupuncture points and their localisations. Ideal for all who have or treat children. Tuina is easy to learn and has a great therapeutic impact.

1 DVD, 150 min., englisch


Elisa Rossi

Elisa Rossi

Elisa Rossi MD, Acupuncturist, 4-year Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, Licensed Psychotherapist (Jungian), B.A. in Philosophy.After a 3-year Course in Acupuncture at So-Wen in Milan, Elisa attended the 3-months Training Course of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing in 1983. Since then she went back to China 8 more times, for one…

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