Zong Lan Xu

Pocket Handbook Chinese Herbal Prescriptions

350 classic Formulas

  • ISBN: 9780967993539


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This compact text contains rapid reference access to basic information on 350 Chinese herb formulas in alphabetical order by Chinese name (pinyin). Information for each formula includes ingredients, preparation, pertaining category, functions, indications, cautions and contraindications, and modern biomedical disease applications. Four appendix tables classify clinical application by differentiation according to zang-fu organs, six stages, four levels, and triple burners. Based on popular texts such as Chinese Herbal Medicine, Formulas and Strategies, (Benksy/Barolet) and Handbook of Chinese Herbs and Formulas (Him Che Yeung), this is a convenient text to carry and use, with basic and highly portable information for the practitioner and student.


Zong Lan  Xu

Zong Lan Xu