Points for Profit

The Essential Guide to Practice Success for Acupuncturists

  • ISBN: 9781891845642
  • 5th ed. 2013, 416 pages


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Finally, a complete, user-friendly practice management resource, just for acupuncturists.
The book and companion CD ROM covers everything you need to know for the business of practicing acupuncture.
In the first section, Getting Up and Running, you will learn how to set goals, what to do while you are still in shcool, legal stuff you need to know, how to choose a business model, working for other practitioners, clinics, or hospitals, locating your clinic, and thoughts about specialization.
Topics covered in section Two, Working on Your Own, include business basics, budget management, startup costs, leasing, clinic space design, files and recordkeeping (includint (HIPAA), and patient management.
Section Three gives real world advice about money: methods of payment for patients, insurance billing, workers’ comp issues, and selling products from your clinic. A final section helps you think about marketing your practice with mailing list, presentation folders, press releases, and strategic planning.
The CD-ROM (included) has pages of downloadable forms, letters, and worksheets. To top it off, you can subscribe to a free monthly online newsletter with additional business and marketing tips. Though written specifically for the acupuncturist, there are many concepts and strategies in here that are valuable for any holistic health practitioner.
This new and largely revised edition of Points for Profit covers far more territory than the previous version of this widely used text.
With several new chapters or subjects relevant to new graduates and practitioners alike, this book is the Bible of practice management and success for acupuncturists.
The updated and fully-revised website that accompanies the book has even more resources for every aspect of running a successful pracctice.