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Practical Guide to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Vol. 1: Emergencies

Emergencies and five element syndromes

  • ISBN: 9781934786420
  • 2014, 316 pages


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Practical Guide to TCVM – Emergencies and Five Element Syndromes is the first of 4 volumes in the Practical TCVM series.
The author provides a comprehensive resource for TCVM treatment of the most common disorders seen in modern clinical practice.
This book includes 6 chapters and 316 pages and deals with the etiology, pattern differentiation, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, Tui-na, Food Therapy, lifestyle modification of each TCVM pattern of all these emergency conditions and TCVM syndromes. Each chapter in this book also includes case examples to illustrate the TCVM diagnosis and treatments.


Cheryl Chrisman

Cheryl Chrisman

Dr. Chrisman received her DVM From Michigan State University in 1968, an MS degree from the Ohio State University in 1974 and an EdS degree from University of Florida (UF) in 1991. The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine certified her in veterinary neuurology in 1976. The Chi Institute certified…



Xie Huisheng (engl)

Xie Huisheng (engl)

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