Qi is magic! Five Blocks to treating the spirit (DVD)

  • 2011, 1 DVD, 210 min.


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Qi is magic! Five Blocks to treating the spirit, a presentation by Angela Hicks at the 3rd Scandinavian TCM congress – Chinese Medicine and the Fertile Spirit. This course is also about what can block the spirit. Hicks will introduce 4 principles of body mind coordination and talks a lot about how you as a practitioner can work better with your own qi when you are treating your patient. How you can focus on your patients better. You will learn five blocks for yourself to improve the treatment on your patient. All blocks will be demonstrated and you will see fascinating results. These results give you a much better insight how to talk and treat patients to receive different results and how to bring yourself in a better position. You will see how to be more body mind coordinated, how you enter the treatment room, get yourself prepared for an optimal pulse taking. You will learn a lot astonishing aspects in your treatment of patients. How to recognize different stagnations, shen-problems, different spirit problems and
why a person can’t talk what is blocking the spirit?
Angela Hicks will explain a few deficiencies and clarify where they are coming from.
Great information with new ideas for your practice!

Scandinavian TCM Congress 2011, 1 DVD, 210 min., English.