Secrets of the Pulse – Revised 2nd edition

The Ancient Art of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis

  • ISBN: 9781883725037
  • 2006, 207 pages


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Ayurvedic methods of pulse reading and diagnosis derive from interpretations of the Vedic sutras or small poems that were recorded by the the rishis or wisdom holders of ancient Hindu traditions.
The author uses his considerable knowledge and experience to relate the art of pulse reading through its history and concepts, a discussion of the pulses, their biological rhythms and organ correspondences, and the diagnostic indications for the properties of each pulse.
The functional principles that determine each individual’s constitution, the structural tissues that comprise the body, and their body/mind manifestations are introduced, categorized, and explicated according to how they indicate balance or disease in the body. Therapy with gemstones and crystals, a repertory of specific pulse conditions found in various diseases, and an extensive glossary make for a full presentation.