Shen diagnosis and the treatment of shen diseases (DVD)

Shen-Diagnostik und die Behandlung von Shen-Störungen (DVD)

  • 2017, 2 DVDs, over 5 hrs


Delivery time: ca. 1 - 3 days


This is a lecture by Lillian Bridges and Deirdre Courtney on how to view and evaluate Shen.
Shen is one of the most important diagnostic tools in Chinese Medicine and is best described as the spirit that illuminates the light the eyes and the skin.
Learning to read Shen gives many clues about a patient’s psychological and physical health, as well as the nature of the individual spirit.
Shen resides in the heart and also in the brain as a higher level of fire energy.
According to the Nei Jing, Shen can be felt as well as seen and is necessary in the transmission of emotions between two people.This interactive workshop will teach participants to recognize the various qualities of Shen and learn to interpret the meanings and manifestation of Shen on the face and in communication.
Students will learn to read Shen visually and somatically as a felt sense.
Special attention will also be paid to the ways that the various Shen Disturbances of the emotions and brain function manifest in the eyes.
There will be an in-depth discussion mental illness, which can also be called Spirit Sickness.
Participants will be taught how to diagnose and treat Shen Disturbances with multiple case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment protocols.

TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2017, 2 DVDs with over 5 hours.
The presentation is in English.
German title: Shen-Diagnostik und die Behandlung der Shen-Störungen.